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Budget: $300 - $350

  • Manage and check contract content including: customer information, terms and payment methods, overdue penalty policy as well as responsibilities and obligations of both parties and solutions for handling issues. born.
  • Control and provide important customer information into the Sales Contract Tracking Table
  • Mark and denote customer code
  • Monitor and record fully and accurately arising transactions, increases and decreases in receivables by day, month, quarter and year.
  • Accounting debt reductions customers are entitled to based on sales contracts and business sales policies.
  • Check and manage customer debt on a monthly basis and prepare a Debt Reconciliation Minute.
  • Set up various types of reports summarizing debts to be collected along with debt age analysis reports and submit them to superiors periodically.
  • Develop plans to collect customer debts, analyze and propose plans to collect overdue debts and bad debts
  • Cooperate with departments to collect debts on time.
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