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How to write a winning bid

Great bids are ones that:Are engaging and well written without spelling or grammatical errorsShow a clear understanding of what is required for this specific project - personalize your response!Explain how your skills & experience relate to the project and your approach to working on it. Most of all - don't spam or post cut-and-paste bids. You will be penalized or banned if you do so


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The communication skills needed for a salesperson's job go beyond simply chatting with someone when they walk into your store or office. Communication skills also involve active listening. Businesses can outsource many things, but conversations with their customers are impossible. It is difficult to create an empathetic conversation, create trust, discover needs and make a firm commitment to the other person. It's not just about being a good communicator, it's also about creating a connection and bringing the relationship to the most fulfilling outcome possible.

Necessary skills