@Ryan json encode and decode won't work with NaN and INFINITE values for float and potentially may have other issues I can't think of from the top of my head but for many cases it might be a better option. As for optimization, what it needs is context - let me plug a post I wrote on this subject evidentlycube.com/blog/game-optimization/when-to-optimize. the tl;dr being, don't optimize things that don't take huge chunk of the running time because the benefits are meaningless in the context of the whole application.

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When there is a need to buy insurance, customers will look to consultants for assistance in choosing and explaining specifically the obligations and benefits for each package. In fact, insurance consultants are the most important and popular distribution channel. Depending on each insurance company, consultants will undertake different tasks but in general will perform common tasks such as:

Promoting, searching and consulting potential customers about the business's types of insurance.
Build, maintain and care for potential customers through telesales channels, introductions, direct meetings, etc.
Understand each customer's needs and financial situation to advise on appropriate insurance packages Support to answer questions and ensure benefits for customers as well as insurance companies in cases where insurance factors arise
Manage and maintain database system, write periodic reports Maintain and ensure sales growth goals for the business and customer satisfaction with insurance products
Continuously update new knowledge about insurance products, services and professional skills.