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How to write a winning bid

Great bids are ones that:Are engaging and well written without spelling or grammatical errorsShow a clear understanding of what is required for this specific project - personalize your response!Explain how your skills & experience relate to the project and your approach to working on it. Most of all - don't spam or post cut-and-paste bids. You will be penalized or banned if you do so


$200 - $250

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The hustle and bustle of modern life makes people caught up in that whirlwind of haste. People don't have enough time to sit together and chat over a cup of coffee. They only have enough time to stop for 1 or 2 minutes to quickly buy a cup of coffee and then continue their journey. Coffee take away opened to meet that need. But nowadays, that criterion is no longer the main reason for young people in Da Nang to visit, each shop has many interesting advantages to keep you staying longer..
1. Urban Station coffee
Urban station or rest stop - designed to be inspired by the image of a typical red telephone box in England, along with a modern, bright blue and white color scheme that sometimes makes us feel like we are lost in a city. Some English town. Urban Station has many branches in SG. When opening an additional facility in Da Nang, it also quickly won the hearts of young people here.

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