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4. Princess bakery and coffee
Located on the tourist route in Da Nang, with many seating options, youthful design, and dedicated service staff, Princess is not only popular with young people in Da Nang but also foreign tourists. shop.
Not only that, in addition to the familiar pastries at the shop, there are also many dishes worth trying such as: shaved ice, crepes, panna cotta. The "full moon" season is approaching, the owner of the shop is careful to make more attractive Cold Mooncakes, suitable as gifts for family and relatives.

1 month ago

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The communication skills needed for a salesperson's job go beyond simply chatting with someone when they walk into your store or office. Communication skills also involve active listening. Businesses can outsource many things, but conversations with their customers are impossible. It is difficult to create an empathetic conversation, create trust, discover needs and make a firm commitment to the other person. It's not just about being a good communicator, it's also about creating a connection and bringing the relationship to the most fulfilling outcome possible.

3 months ago