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Budget: $200 - $300

Due to the overload of imported goods. So we need an employee to check inventory at the end of the month to keep up with the work schedule for the beginning of the month

1. Count and enter data into the computer

2. Y/C must be agile and resourceful at work

3. Must be diligent and hard-working

4. Must have good health,

5. Age from 35 years or older

1 month ago

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Budget: $100 - $150

Need a sales person


- Height 1m6 or more

- Good looking appearance,

- Don't speak with too strong a local accent.

- Can communicate with foreign guests in English


- Candidates can choose the time to complete the order and ensure on schedule

2 months ago

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Budget: $350 - $400

Sales accounting plays an important role in the business operations of businesses, especially those operating in the retail sector. Sales accounting jobs require dynamism, flexibility and do not require too high qualifications, so they are chosen by many young graduates. Depending on each unit, the sales accountant's work will be different, but basically it will include:

  • Monitor sales activities of sales staff, stores, departments, etc. In addition, sales accountants also play a role in personnel management and adjustments.
  • Connect with other accounting departments such as general accounting, warehouse accounting, cash accounting, bank deposit accounting, etc.
  • Monitor the debt status of partners, customers, services, products and goods that need to be collected and spent.
3 months ago