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Budget: $300 - $350

Documents from company books that have been in operation for 5 years.

This is a joint stock company with 3 members

After 5 years of operation, the company is profitable

You should check all documents to prepare for the upcoming tax inspection

Y/C: Candidates aged 35 or older

Mastery of decrees and state tax laws

Know how to filter all documents.

Legalization of documents

Recheck payroll.vvv

2 months ago

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Budget: $300 - $500

Tax accounting is the department responsible for reporting, calculating, and declaring taxes for businesses. The goal is to help companies comply and take care of their taxes, ensuring financial reports fully meet all rules and regulations on tax.

Through tax accounting, businesses can also understand production and business activities as well as the amount of money paid into the national budget. Tax-related issues are clearly declared to help tax reports are completed quickly and efficiently.

2 months ago